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College English Test
  Part I Reading Comprehension (30%)
  Directions: There are three passages in this part. Each passage is followed by some questions or unfinished statements. For each of them there are four choices marked A, B, C, and D. You should decide on the best choice and mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the center.
  Passage 1 (Questions 1-5 are based on this passage)
  Trees are useful to man in three important ways: they provide him with wood and other products; they give him shade; and they help to prevent droughts and floods.
  Unfortunately, in many parts of the world, man has not realized that the third of these services is the most important.76)In his eagerness to make money from trees, he has cut them down in large numbers, only to find that without them he has lost the best friends he had. And besides, he is usually too careless to plant and look after new trees. So the forests slowly disappear.
  This does not only mean that man will have fewer trees. The results are even more serious: for where there are trees, their roots break up soil---allowing the rain to sink in ---and also bind the soil, thus preventing it from being washed away easily; but where there are no trees, the rain falls on hard ground and flows away, causing floods and carrying away the rich top-soil. When all the top-soil is gone, nothing remains but worthless desert.
  Two thousand years ago a rich and powerful country cut down its trees to build warships , with which to gain itself an empire. It set up the empire but, without its trees, its soil became poor and it grew weak. When the empire fell to pieces, the home country found itself faced with floods and starvation.
  1. What is the most important service of trees to man according to the passage?
  A. They help him make money.
  B. They give him wood and other products.
  C. They help him prevent droughts and floods.
  D. They give him shade.
  2. Why do forests in many parts of the world slowly disappear?
  A. New trees are not looked after properly.
  B. Many trees have been cut down by man.
  C. Man has not paid enough attention to planting trees.
  D. All of the above.
  3. Why did the country mentioned in the passage suffer from floods and starvation?
  A. Because an empire was set up.
  B. Because the empire fell to pieces.
  C. Because it lost all its trees.
  D. Because too much had been spent on wars.
  4. Why does land become desert after all trees are cut down?
  A. Because nothing remains on land except floods.
  B. Because there are no longer trees to keep the rain and protect the top-soil.
  C. Because too much rain sinks in and washes away the top-soil.
  D. Because roots of the trees break up the soil.
  5. What does the author tell us in this passage?
  A. How trees help prevent droughts and floods.
  B. The relationship between trees and man.
  C. How an empire fell to pieces in ancient times.
  D. A story of trees.
  Passage 2 (Questions 6—10 are based on the following passage)
  People travel for a lot of reason. Some tourists go to see battlefields or religious shrines. Others are looking for culture, or simply want to have their picture taken in front of famous places. But most European tourists are looking for a sunny beach to lie on.
  77) Northern Europeans are willing to pay a lot of money and put up with a lot of inconveniences for the sun because they have so little of it. Residents of cities like London, Copenhagen , and Amsterdam spend a lot of their winter in the dark because the days are so short, and much of the rest of the year in the rain. This is the reason the Mediterranean has always attracted them. Every summer, more than 25 million people travel to Mediterranean resort and beaches for their vacation. They all come for the same reason :sun!
  The huge crowds mean lots of money for the economies of Mediteranean countries. Italy’s 30,000 hotels are booked solid every summer. And 13 million people camp out on French beaches, parks and roadsides. Spain’s long sandy coastline attracts more people than anywhere else. 37 million tourists visit yearly, or one tourist for every person living in Spain.
  78)But there are signs that the area is getting more tourism than it can handle. The Mediterranean is already one of the most polluted seas on earth. And with increased tourism, it’s getting worse. The French can’t figure out what to do with all the garbage left by campers around St. Tropez. And in many places , swimming is dangerous because of pollution.
  None of this, however, is spoiling anyone’s fun. The Mediteranean gets more popular every year with tourists. Obviously, they don’t go there for clean water and solitude. They tolerate traffic jams and seem to like crowded beaches. They don’t even mind the pollution. No matter how dirty the water is, the coastline still looks beautiful. And as long as the sun shines, it’s still better than sitting in the cold rain in Berlin, London, or Oslo.
  6. The writer seems to imply that Europeans travel mostly for the reason that__________.
  A. they want to see historic remains or religious spots.
  B. they are interested in different cultural traditions and social customs.
  C. they would like to take pictures in front of famous sites.
  D. they wish to escape from the cold, dark and rainy days back at home.
  7. In paragraph 2, cities like London, Copenhagen, and Amsterdam are mentioned __________.
  A. to show that they are not good cities in terms of geography and climate.
  B. to tell us how wealthy their residents are.
  C. to suggest that these cities lack places of historic interest and scenic beauty.
  D. to prove that they have got more tourism than they an handle.
  8. According to the passage, which of the following countries attracts more tourists than the others?
  A. Italy
  B. Spain
  C. France
  D. Greece.
  9. The latter half of the last sentence in paragraph3, i.e., “ or one tourist for every person living in Spain” means __________.
  A. all the 37 million people living in Spain are tourists.
  B. every year almost as many tourists visit Spain as there are people living in that country.
  C. every person living in Spain has to take care of a tourist.
  D. every Spanish is visited by a tourist every year.
  10. According to the passage, which of the following factors might spoil the tourists’ fun at Mediterranean resorts and beaches?
  A. Polluted water.
  B. Crowded buses
  C. Traffic jams.
  D. Rainy weather.
  Passage 3(Questions 11-15 are based on the passage)  To swim across the English Channel takes at least nine hours. It’s a hard work and it makes you short of breath. To fly over the Channel takes only twenty minutes (as long as you’re not held up at the airport), but it’s an expensive way to travel. You can travel by hovercraft if you don’t mind the noise, and that takes forty minutes. Otherwise you can go by boat, if you remember your sea-sickness ills. All these means of transport have their problems and the weary (不耐烦的)traveler often dreams of being able to drive to France in his own car. “Not possible”, you say. Well wait a minute. People are once again considering the idea of a Channel tunnel or bridge.
  This time, the Greater London Council is looking into the possibility of building a Channel link straight to London. 79)A bridge would cost far more than a tunnel, but you would be able to go by rail or by car on a bridge, whereas a tunnel would provide a rail link only.
  Why is this idea being discussed again? Is Britain becoming more conscious of the need for links with Europe as a result of joining the EEC(欧共体)?Well , perhaps. The main reason, though, is that a tunnel or bridge would reach the twenty square kilometers of London’s disused dockland (船坞地). A link from London to the continent would stimulate trade and re-vitalize (使…重新具有活力)the port, and would make London a main trading center in Europe. 80)With a link over the Channel , you could buy your fish and chips in England and be able to eat them in France while they were still warm!
  11. Which of the following statements is TRUE?
  A. Swimming across the Channel takes less than four hours.
  B. The idea of a Channel tunnel or bridge is a very new one.
  C. It is considered to be more difficult to swim across the channel than any other means.
  D. A tunnel or bridge would only reach as far as the coast.
  12. A tunnel would be__________.
  A. less expensive to be built than a bridge
  B. more expensive to be built than a bridge
  C. less expensive to be built than a rail
  D. more expensive to be built than a rail
  13. If they built a Channel tunnel, you would_______.
  A. neither take a train nor go by car
  B. either take a train or go by car
  C. only take a train
  D. only take a bus
  14. It can be concluded that many of London’s dockyards are _____________.
  A. not used
  B. fully used
  C. seriously blocked
  D. opened again
  15. Channel link would________.
  A. allow us to by fish and chips in France
  B. make the journey from Europe to England dangerous but easier and faster
  C. decrease more trade for London’s dockyards
  D. make London more prosperous again
  Part II. Vocabulary and Structure: (30%)  Directions: In this part there are 30 incomplete sentences. For each sentence there are four choices marked A, B, C, and D. Choose the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet .
  16. When she was busy tidying the room, her little kid is always __________.
  A. under way
  B. on the way
  C. in the way
  D. by the way
  17. If you have trouble _____the poems, the notes on the margins will help you.
  A. to understand
  B. understanding
  C. for understanding
  D. with understanding
  18. I _______with all the windows closed, but now I’d like some fresh air.
  A. am used to sleep
  B. am used to sleeping
  C. used to sleeping
  D. used to sleep
  19. It ________that the mysterious visitor was an old friend of my grandmother.
  A. turned up
  B. turned off
  C. turned on
  D. turned out
  20. Let’s have a get-together on the weekend, ________?
  A. shall we
  B. will we
  C. shan’t we
  D. won’t we
  21. Living in the central American desert has its problems,________ obtaining water is not the least.
  A. of which
  B. for what
  C. as
  D. whose
  22. Although _______happened in that developed country sounds like science fiction, it could occur elsewhere in the world.
  A. which
  B. what
  C. how
  D. it
  23. The door over there needs _________.
  A. painted
  B. painting
  C. has painted
  D. paint
  24. You _______yesterday if you were really serious about the job.
  A. ought to come
  B. ought to be coming
  C. ought to have come
  D. ought have come
  25. He demanded that the problem _______at once.
  A. would be solved
  B. is to be solved
  C. is solved
  D. be solved
  26. It was not until the accident happened _______.
  A. when I became aware of my foolishness
  B. when my foolishness became obvious
  C. that did I realize my foolishness
  D. that I became aware of my foolishness
  27.As we know, physics _______the science of energy.
  A. was
  B. were
  C. is
  D. are
  28. The train _______of the station right on time.
  A. pulled
  B. pulled down
  C. pulled on
  D. pulled out
  29. I like this song_______ your opinion.
  A. in spite
  B. despite of
  C. regardless of
  D. likewise
  30. ______you say, he won’t listen to you.
  A. No matter where
  B. No matter what
  C. However
  D. whichever
  31. Where did you get your watch ________?
  A. repair
  B. to repair
  C. repaired
  D. repairing
  32.He didn’t come yesterday. He ______busy working in the lab.
  A. must be
  B. would have been
  C. must have been
  D. would be
  33. ______, he must be totally exhausted after a two weeks’ trip by bus.
  A. Being very strong
  B. A a strong man
  C. Strong as he is
  D. As he is strong
  34. How I wish that I ________law when I was at college!
  A. had learned
  B. would have learned
  C. learned
  D. would learn
  35. No sooner ______than he realized that he should have remained silent.
  A. the words had spoken
  B. had the words spoken
  C. the words had been spoken
  D. had the words been spoken
  36. She is such a _______person, always asking how I’m feeling.
  A. considerable
  B. considering
  C. considered
  D. considerate
  37. It is said that he _______murder.
  A. committed
  B. conducted
  C. executed
  D. emitted
  38. Only residents here enjoy the ______of using this parking lot.
  A. privilege
  B. possibility
  C. favor
  D. right
  39. Only 11 people ________the shipwreck.
  A. survived after
  B. survived through
  C. were survived
  D. survived
  40. Not a single word _______all morning.
  A. did he say
  B. he said
  C. said he
  D. does he say
  41. The next moment, _____she had time to realize what was happening , she was hit over the head.
  A. when
  B. before
  C. since
  D. as
  42. Mother told the child _______too late.
  A. not get up
  B. do not get up
  C. not to get up
  D. not getting up
  43. ______he will come or not is unknown.
  A. If
  B. Whether
  C. That
  D. What
  44. He never let me _____when I need his support.
  A. in
  B. down
  C. off
  D. out
  45.Without the worker’s help, Sam_______ so much progress.
  A. would not make
  B. would not have made
  C. will not make
  D. did not make
  Part IV. Cloze (20%)
  Directions: Each blank in the following passages is provided with four choices. reach each of the passage and choose the best answer for each blank. Then, mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.
  The role of women in Britain has changed a lot in this century, __56___in the last twenty years. The main change has been __57__giving women greater equality with men. __58__to the beginning of this century, women seem to have had__59__rights. They could not vote and were kept at home. __60__, as far as we know, most women were happy__61___this situation. Today, women in Britain certainly__62___more rights than they used to. They were __63___the vote in 1919. In 1970 a law was passed to give them an equal __64___of wealth in the case of divorce, __65___the Equal Pay Act gave them the right__66___equal pay with men for work of equal value in the same year.
  Yet __67___these changes, there are still great difference in status between men and women. Many employers seem to __68___the Equal Pay Act, and the average working women is __69___to earn only about half__70__a man earns for the same job. __71___a survey, at present, only one-third of the country’s workers are __72__women. This small percentage is partly__73__a shortage of nurseries. If there were __74___nurseries, twice as many women__75___go out to work.
  56. A. certainly B. especially C. apparently D. practically
  57. A. towards B. against C. upon D. through
  58. A. ByB. On C. Over D. Up
  A. few
  B. less
  C. some
  D. many
  60. A. Besides B. Therefore C. However D. Then
  61. A. at B. to C. with D. for
  62. A. lack B. enjoy C. occupy D. take
  A. given
  B. deprived
  C. denied
  D. approved
  A. rate
  B. value
  C. number
  D. share
  A. but
  B. and
  C. because
  D. although
  A. of
  B. with
  C. on
  D. for
  A. because of
  B. instead of
  C. in spite of
  D. as a result of
  A. support
  B. favour
  C. ignore
  D. doubt
  A. likely
  B. willing
  C. ready
  D. about
  A than
  B. that
  C. which
  D. what
  A. Apart form
  B. According to
  C. Because of
  D. In addition to
  A. by mistake
  B. by accident
  C. in turn
  D. in fact
  A. involved in
  B. stemmed from
  C. related to
  D. resulted in
  A. efficient
  B. advanced
  C. delicate
  D. enough
  A. might well
  B. had better
  C. are going to
  D. are about to
  Part V. Translation(20%)
  1) Directions: In this part, there are five items which you should translate into Chinese, each consisting of one or two sentences. These sentences are all taken from the Reading Passages you have read in Part I of the Test Paper. You should refer back to the passages so as to identify the meaning of these sentences in the context. (10%)
  76.In his eagerness to make money from trees, he has cut them down in large numbers, only to find that without them he has lost the best friends he had.
  77.Northern Europeans are willing to pay a lot of money and put up with a lot of inconveniences for the sun because they have so little of it.
  78.But there are signs that the area is getting more tourism than it can handle.
  79.A bridge would cost far more than a tunnel, but you would be able to go by rail or by car on a bridge, whereas a tunnel would provide a rail link only.
  80.With a link over the Channel , you could buy your fish and chips in England and be able to eat them in France while they were still warm!
  2) Translate the following sentences into English (10%)
  81. 就业余爱好而言, 珍妮和她妹妹几乎没有什么共同之处。
  82. 国庆节到了, 咱们把寝室彻底打扫一下吧。
  83. 王教授, 请您赏光来参加我们星期六的英语晚会好吗?
  84. 玛丽过去除了咖啡什么都不喝。
  Key To Test paper    Part I
  1-5 C D C B A
  6-10 D A B B D
  11-15 C A C A D
  Part II.
  16-20 C B D D A
  21-25 A B B C D
  26-30D C D C B
  31-35 C C C A D
  36-40 D A A D A
  41-45 B C B B B
  Part III.
  46-50 D C D A B
  51-55 C B D A C
  Part IV
  56-60 B A D A C
  61-65C B A D B
  66-70 B C C A D
  71-75 B D C D A
  Part V  
  76. 人类急切地要用树木赚钱,大量砍伐森林,结果发现,没有了树木,他们也就失去了过去最好的朋友。
  77. 北欧人心甘情愿花大笔钱,容忍诸多不便去获得阳光 因为阳光对他们来说太难得了。
  78. 但是,有些迹象表明,旅游业的发展已超过该地区的承受能力。
  79. 建桥的成本远远超过修隧道的成本,但在桥上可以行驶火车或汽车,而隧道则只能提供铁路交通。
  80. 海峡两岸连通之后,人们在英格兰买了炸鱼和炸薯条,到法国还可以趁热吃。
  2)81. As far as hobbies are concerned, Jane and her sister have little in common.
  82.National Day is round the corner. Let’s give our bedroom a thorough clean.
  83.Prof. Wang , would you do us a favor by coming to our English evening this Saturday?
  84.Mary used to drink nothing but coffee.
  85.A truck pulled into the snow-covered playground of the school


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